Building and renovating is a big financial commitment, so engaging Walker QS Consultants in your project early, will ensure realistic budgeting along with cost and project control to make the process much more efficient.  By working with a qualified quantity surveyor, you can be confident that you are getting accurate budget assessments, an evaluation of all charges against market rates, adherence to standards and importantly protection against unjustified costs.

We’ll help you gain more control with 4 major benefits:

  1. You will have more confidence that you will achieve a good end result.
    Our quantity surveyors compare your project costs against other recent similar projects, taking into consideration construction, operational and whole of life costs for more accurate costing, and advise you on ways to minimise time and cost increases.
  2. Risk reduction.
    You’ll have help making informed decisions because we give you qualified advice on cost structures, quality, safety, regulations and time, reducing multiple potential risks.
  3. You’ll have better cost control.
    We establish realistic budgets right from the start, monitor costs throughout and get the best value at all stages of your project, giving you overall improved control over costs.
  4. Your best interests are a priority.
    With our knowledgeable team on your job, we represent and uphold your best interests as a priority. We use our experience to liaise with all associated project consultants such as architects, engineers, builders and the council.  This ensures a smoother process, with everyone is working towards to same outcome.

Our residential services

Realistic Budgeting and Cost Control

  • Accurate initial cost estimations and budget specially for your project.
  • Expert advice or/and cost management to provide greater budget control.
  • Evaluation of builder’s claims in accordance with the Construction Contract Act.
  • Compilation of payment schedules for works complete in accordance with the Construction Contract Act.
  • Qualified assistance in preparing final project accounts.

Achieving Set Budgets

For set budgets, our Quantity Surveyors can help clients achieve their project outcomes by employing effective value engineering.  We work to reduce the build cost by providing more economical alternative products, which retain functionality while still maintaining the longevity of the building.

Informed Product Decision Making

Value engineering is employed to promote increased value by maximising function and minimising costs to create the greatest value for our residential clients.  Planning and delivery of projects with improved performance assist you in making informed product decisions based on your budget requirements.

The Most Suitable Contractor for Your Job

We use our extensive industry knowledge to help clients ensure that they contract the most appropriate builder to work on their project.

  • Builder quotation evaluations and assessments, to recommend the most suitable builder/s.

Building Contract Assistance

Walker QS Consultants’ years of experience with residential standard and bespoke contracts enables us to work in the best interests of our clients.  We assist with the initial contract sign up process and any challenges that may occur during the project, in order to achieve the end-result agreed upon.

  • Expert contract negotiation of all terms, conditions and costs, along with reviews of previously negotiated contracts to assist you in understanding and getting the most favourable contract before agreement.
  • Explain the contract technical information, helping to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  • Assessment of variation of work and associated costs from builders/contractors, to ensure that they are verified and legitimate, helping keep the project on budget.

Cost Management

You’ll have better peace of mind regarding costs with our proven ability to provide accurate cost estimates, assess risk factors and advise you on any cost implications associated with variations and review all costs to ensure reduced risk of any overruns.  Our objective is to always complete projects on budget.

Project Funder Services

Walker QS Consultants work with financial funders to support the funding process of new properties and developments. If your funder has requested a Quantity Surveyor for your project, we offer a range of comprehensive support services for you and your financial institution.

We prepare independent and realistic cost evaluations for building or renovation work complete with costs, the risks of the development and produce reports on viability, feasibility and likely timescales for funding applications.

Rebuild Estimate for Insurance Purposes

If you would require a reliable and accurate estimate for the ‘sum insured’ figure for your home insurance, our qualified Quantity Surveyors carry out a site inspection, measure and itemise all construction components of the property to provide you with a current rebuild estimation.

Dispute Resolution

We have extensive experience in helping to amicably resolve any disputes around the clarification of costs, terms and responsibilities. In most cases a resolution can be made once facts are presented in a clear and logical manner, along with the relevant construction law used (where necessary) to substantiate our reasoning. We offer an affordable service which seeks to resolve disputes before costly adjudication, mediation or any legal action are deemed necessary. We are skilled negotiators and experts in construction law, so regardless of your dispute, using our services often results in an increase in value disproportionate to our service cost.

Subdividing Services

If you are looking to subdivide your property to release land capital or to build another house, now is a great time to work with Walker QS Consultants.
We use our extensive subdividing experience, consent knowledge, and large network to deliver on the required activities and provide a complete subdividing service and expert advice. Our team make the entire process much simpler and less time-consuming for you, by completing all the required documentation and liaising with the various agencies.

It all starts with a no-obligation consultation to discuss your objectives, as this will determine our approach and services. Following our meeting, we provide you with an initial report and will discuss with you the viability, options, activities, and associated costs, with recommendations to help you decide what you’d like to happen next.  To progress, we perform a detailed study and provide a full report at a fixed price. This will confirm if you can subdivide, accurate costings, risks, timeframes, and the process. You’ll be able to make an informed decision about proceeding.

We’ll guide you through the process to make it more cost-effective and straight forward for you to achieve your goals.

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