Developer Case Studies

Pricing schedule for a bespoke house group builder

A large group builder engaged Walker QS Consultants to carry out full pricing for their bespoke home builds.  We were given full access to their document control system and pricing software as our scheduling remained the client’s property.  We went to market for pricing from the various trades and added a contingency based on the identified risks.  We met with the client to go through the completed pricing, our m2 check pricing and any risk factors, along with highlighting the potential for variations due to perceived client decisions.  Where costs exceeded budget allocations, we provided design and alternative product solutions to reduce the costs to meet these budgets.
With the build costs accepted, we provided cost control management throughout the process, advising the client of any variations etc, so that the client and developer had current, accurate costings readily available.  Our team utilised their experience in various project management programmes and administrated the project using the client’s system, which included the issuing of purchase orders and material orders, making the whole process transparent and straight forward for the client.

Pricing for a seven-house development

Walker QS Consultants were asked to carry out pricing for a seven-house development in Paraparaumu.  Initially based on semi high-level drawings, we used our estimating software to schedule the entire job including the associated landscaping, drainage and local services.  With the high-level pricing agreed, the project was repriced using more detailed drawings.  WQS was engaged for the full project, so prepared all the sub-contract documentation on behalf of the developer, as well as providing financial management using our Buildertrend programme.  All claims from sub-contractors were complied, cash flow forecasts established, variations addressed on the client’s behalf and those received from sub-contractors.  Our onsite visits ensured complete financial control of material orders and ability to manage onsite issues which involved costs.  With this level of project involvement we were able to address and resolve an array of financial and building issues before they could become a major problem.  We were also able to accurately report the project financials throughout the process, giving the client accurate, current data on which to base any financial decisions.

High-level pricing for a three-house development with difficult access

A developer required comprehensive pricing for a three-house development they were looking to do.  This was a challenging building project as the site was a steep slope, with limited access, overlooking a bay in Wellington.  Walker QS Consultants provided the pricing of the three-dwellings and took into consideration the inaccessibility of the site by recommending the option of using relocatable units built off site and craned into position.  The developer would save thousands of dollars in terms of access and creating the site.  To comply with council requirements for car parking, we priced the building of garages to the front of the buildings at road level.  This parking solution also created a cost saving for the client, who built the garages first, then used them as a site office during the project’s construction.

We investigated the most economical, yet aesthetically appealing access method to get from the garage area to the dwellings, which were located progressively up the slope.  Due to the access issues, the pricing had to be extremely accurate to enable the developer to determine the project’s financial viability.  All costs were presented to the developer in a comprehensive report, with full breakdowns of the various elements.  The developer has since progressed the project, which is scheduled to commence in the coming months, with WQS engaged in a full QS capacity.