Our experienced Walker QS Consultants quantity surveying team provide a wide range of accurate and effective budget planning and management services.  We partner with small to large scale developers, contractors and design consultancies to create measurable value.

Our Commercial Services

We work closely with commercial clients; developers, contractors, engineers, architects and design consultancies to provide cost planning from high level budgeting down to very detailed cost schedules using up-to-date industry cost estimation software and our experience, to provide accurate budgets and reduce the risk of cost over runs.


Walker QS Consultants has extensive experience in assisting developers in a Professional Quantity Surveyor capacity.  We offer the following services:

Feasibility Studies & High-level Budget Compilation

We offer confidential, high-level budget advice and feasibility studies tailored to client requirements, which are critical in a proposed large or complex project’s inception stage to establish project viability or help identify alternative options.  We can also assist with other project documentation for inclusion in business cases, project execution plans or strategic briefs.

Subdividing Services

If you are looking to subdivide property for development, now is a great time to work with Walker QS Consultants.  We use our extensive subdividing experience, consent knowledge, and provide a complete subdividing service and expert advice. Our team make the entire process much simpler and less time-consuming for you, by completing all the required documentation and liaising with the various agencies. It all starts with a no-obligation consultation to discuss your objectives, as this will determine our approach and services. Following our meeting, we provide you with an initial report and will discuss with you the viability, options, activities, and associated costs, with recommendations to help you decide what you’d like to happen next.

We’ll make it more cost-effective and straight forward for you to achieve your goals.

Full Take Off Services

We provide a full range of construction take offs from drawings, along with budget easements from design briefs and sketches.

Tender Evaluation

Our expertise will save you valuable time in the evaluation and comparison of contractor tenders to determine the best value, most suitable tender and highlight areas of concern.  We produce reports and recommendations to help you appoint the most appropriate contractor for your project.

Value Engineering

When applied to the construction process, value engineering with its detailed analysis of costs has enormous benefit for developers in terms of identifying significant savings over the lifetime of a building.  This process is an integral part of a new development’s design stage, promoting increased value by maximising function and minimizing costs to create the greatest value for our clients.

Main Contractor Progress Claim Evaluation

We provide claim evaluation of work for progress payments to the main contractor at various stages of a project.

Project Cost Management

Our Cost Management service is an essential project function to confirm that construction works completed on-site, are accurately valued and costs are controlled.  We also advise cost implications of variations, prepare, negotiate and agree final accounts to ensure that the project is completed within the budget.

Main Contractors

Tender Submission Support

Our extensive contract expertise can be utilised to assist you in preparing highly effective project tenders which are structured to present your credentials, previous project experience, financial standing, insurances and costs to best advantage against tender submission requirements.
A professionally reviewed and structured tender will help put you in the front running as a main contractor for your next project.

Subcontractor Tender Submission Evaluation

Detailed evaluation of sub-contractor submissions and assistance with the selection process along with tender reporting assists our clients in the successful appointment of the most suitable sub-contractors.  We review and make recommendations based on your requirement selection criteria, saving you time and resources.

Full Take Off Service

We provide a full range of construction take offs from drawings, along with budget easements from design briefs and sketches.

Subcontractor Services

Subcontractor Tender Submission Support

If you are a subcontractor looking to present professional and effective tenders that are easily evaluated by main contractors to give you greater competitive advantage, our extensive contract experience can assist you in the effective structuring of your submission documents and in helping to protect your interests.

Contract Analysis and Consultancy

We appreciate the importance of gaining a full understanding of your subcontractor contract obligations, project scope and processes for contra charges and retentions.  Our first-hand experience working for New Zealand’s largest contractors along with our qualification study, enables us to carefully assess contracts and their terms to advise you. This ensures a greater comprehension of all aspects of a contract.

Pre-let Meeting Support

Many subcontractors find it beneficial to have a qualified quantity surveyor as their support expert at pre-let meetings for an increased common understanding of the project objectives.

Work Site Visits

We offer practical support throughout the lifecycle of a project and provide work site visits to assess progress against variations or contra charges to assist in helping subcontractors avoid or resolve any issues.

Progress Claims

If required, the Walker QS Consultant team can complete the progress claims on behalf of a client to ensure that they are substantiating, complied and submitted in accordance with the contract and the Construction Contracts Act.


Our in-depth construction industry experience helps us accurately assess and compile variations in terms of accumulation and submission on your behalf.  Providing variations with full breakdowns and substantiations that are easily assessible for the main contractor will result in time efficiencies for review, agreement and payment.

Final Account Negotiations

We can assist in negotiations for the final account and retention release claims in line with the contract to achieve subsequent agreement.

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